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WINK Streaming Announces Complete Genetec Security Center SDK Passthrough

{San Jose, Costa Rica}, June 30, 2021– WINK Streaming is announcing the release of its new SDK Passthrough functionality, allowing WINK Forge SDK functions to be mapped to Genetec SDK Function Passthrough. The new SDK Passthrough functionality will accommodate a seamless integration between WINK Streaming's WINK Forge and Genetec Security Center.

The passthrough functions allow for a range of One-Way and Bidirectional configuration changes. If a configuration is updated in Security Center, the new setting will automatically be passed to the WINK Forge. In addition to configuration synchronization, additional camera controls, including PTZ, are supported.

David Brown, WINK Streaming's Director of Sales and Marketing, says the new SDK Passthrough functionality will allow large-scale deployments will benefit significantly in terms of reduced maintenance requirements. "This is a real benefit to public camera sharing of transcoded video via the WINK Forge."

Genetec Security Center 5.4 and greater are supported. There is limited support for Genetec's Omnicast available.

This enhanced functionality is available free for all licensed WINK Forge users. Users can get their upgrades through the automated update system or manually through the customer access portal. Users with expired licenses can upgrade through their sales representative or via the customer access portal.

The new Genetec Security Center SDK Passthrough functionality is fully compatible with WINK Streaming's Genetec product offering, which includes a Security Center Capable Video Wall, Security Center NVR add-on functionality and Security Center capable Mobile App remote management and viewing.


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