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WINK Streaming Announces Free iOS and Android Apps Are Now Available for Download

{Halifax, Canada}, May 30, 2021: WINK Streaming, a global leader in content delivery and content caching, video delivery, surveillance, encoding, and live transcoding solutions, this week announced new free mobile applications for iOS and Android.

The apps will allow users of WINK Forge, WINK Media Router, and WINK Crossroad to access the content via their mobile devices, as the new WINK Live Player integrates and pulls streams directly from the WINK Streaming Appliance.

"Our apps are completely free to use and download, equipped to support a range of language localization options," said David Brown, Director of Sales & Marketing of WINK Streaming. "The WINK Live application now supports list views, map views, and tile views, as well as a range of automated carousel views, plus patrol mode for security and police patrols."

The WINK Streaming system will automatically use the mobile user's GPS location and switch between cameras in the area as the mobile device moves. This allows viewers to have additional perspectives in their local vicinity, for ultimate safety and protection.

Additionally, the WINK Live app will monitor available bandwidth and switch to lower or higher bit rate streams when possible. Features embedded in the app include: real-time statistics, phone and tablet layout options, automated rollout and customization via WINK Crossroad, and customizable logos and welcome screens.

The WINK Live app has been described as, "feature-rich with a range of authentication and logging options available." The WINK Live app is compatible with Android version 9.0, Android TV 10.0 and greater, and iOS 12 and greater.

"By integrating the WINK Streaming Platform of products, the WINK Forge, WINK Media Router, and WINK Crossroad, users can watch live video at a moment's notice." said Brown. "Users can now view transcoded videos and dynamically switch between bitrates on the move. Live video is an incredibly powerful tool in so many ways today, and we are honored to be at the forefront of making this video accessible to our users."

WINK Streaming products tap into a global network for real-time content delivery. They use the best practices in security management and firewall protection, as more operators move applications and business processes to the cloud. The WINK Streaming ecosystem contains zero points of failure, with redundant and fault-tolerant products available to users today.

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