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WINK Streaming - WINK Wall now available with full 4k HDMI support

{Dallas, Texas}, August 2, 2021 - WINK Streaming is announcing the end of life of all analog based WINK Encoders. Affected units include any single, dual or quad analog encoder using SVideo or Composite connections.

Security Updates Maintained until Fall 2025.

Support available, no hardware replacements or maintenance.

Option to use Composite to HDMI Converters with WINK Encoder's HDMI edition.

Customers demand HDMI and SDI.

Limited number of units still available for shipping.

About WINK Streaming

WINK Streaming, founded in 2006, is a global leader in content delivery and content caching, video delivery, surveillance, encoding, and live transcoding solutions. The company offers flexible and custom tailorable solutions for various deployment sizes from municipal to city and state-wide solutions.

WINK Streaming's key focus is on providing the highest-quality, lowest-latency content delivery globally by pairing high-quality encoding and transcoding systems with a custom-tailored network. WINK Streaming's network spans the globe and has operations in over a dozen countries.

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