Live Video Solutions

WINK Streaming is at the forefront of transcoding and encoding, offering advanced video solutions that revolutionize the way content is delivered and monitored. Our high-quality, low-latency solutions are specially designed for web and mobile platforms, enabling seamless sharing of camera feeds across diverse interfaces. With our PCI DSS certified products, we cater to a wide spectrum of needs, from small municipal projects to large-scale state and city-wide implementations. Our technology integrates smoothly with major systems like Genetec's Omnicast and Security Centre, Milestone's solutions, and various legacy VMS, facilitating versatile and robust video surveillance and content delivery.

Your Gateway to Advanced Video Delivery and Surveillance

Advanced Transcoding, Routing, Intelligent Video Analytics, and Next-Gen Archiving at Your Fingertips.


Low Latency Video Transcoding and offline archive transcoding solutions with interops for leading VMS systems and generic sources.


We provide a comprehensive global network for cloud-based video transcoding, management and delivery. We offer video transcoding and video management solutions entirely in the cloud.


A comprehensive range of video monitoring including Mobile Android and iOS Applications, cross-platform Windows, OSX and Linux Desktop clients and a range of scalable Video Wall solutions.

Intelligent Surveillance and Traffic Analysis

Elevate your surveillance capabilities with WINK Streaming. Our solutions scale from small businesses to national infrastructures, ensuring compatibility with diverse network architectures. The addition of deep-learning video analytics transforms our systems into intelligent tools for city and highway traffic monitoring, empowering users with real-time traffic flow insights, trend analysis, and emergency awareness. This technology is essential for proactive safety and efficient traffic management in smart cities.

WINK Streaming solutions excel in intelligent video archiving, utilizing smart metrics and motion activation. Our advanced systems facilitate age-based cascading archives, allowing for efficient organization and retrieval of footage. Long-term storage of intelligently detected points of interest ensures that critical moments are preserved and easily accessible. This sophisticated archiving approach is ideal for a wide range of applications, from security surveillance to data analysis, providing valuable insights and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

High-Quality Video Encoding and Transcoding

Discover unparalleled excellence in live video encoding and transcoding with WINK Streaming. Our comprehensive suite of services supports a vast array of protocols and codecs, including H264, H265, and beyond, accommodating a diverse range of input sources from traditional analog devices to contemporary digital interfaces. Meticulously engineered for low latency and superior output quality, our solutions excel in delivering seamless, high-fidelity video across various transport types. We take compatibility further by integrating with numerous Video Management Systems (VMS), such as Genetec and Lenel, enhancing our robustness in camera compatibility across a wide spectrum of modern and legacy models. Additionally, our commitment to versatility extends to full support for all versions of the ONVIF protocol suite, ensuring our solutions are not just advanced but also universally adaptable for all your video encoding and transcoding needs.

Video Transcoding Solutions

Seamless Global Video Delivery and Smart Networking

At WINK Streaming, we pride ourselves on our global network's unparalleled speed and reliability for live video delivery. Utilizing advanced technologies such as BGP Anycast and DNS-based Geolocation, we ensure low-latency, high-quality video transmission from our extensive network of global edges. Our deep-learning video analytics further enrich our offerings, providing transformative insights into traffic patterns and enhancing safety measures. These solutions are invaluable for the efficient and intelligent management of both urban and highway systems. Beyond performance, we place a strong emphasis on security: our network, alongside our hardware, virtual, and cloud products, adhere to the rigorous standards of PCI DSS compliance. Trusted and utilized by government agencies worldwide, our products and services represent the pinnacle of secure, sophisticated video delivery and analytics technology.