WINK Archiver - Video Archver and Waterfall Transcoder

WINK Archiver is an easy-to-use video archive system capable of receiving and pulling live streams direct from cameras or paired with WINK Streaming appliances or directly integrated with a WINK Forge.

WINK Archiver features a simple REST-based API for retrieval, uploading or command execution. Our simple to use web management interface allows even novice computer users to configure the system in minutes. The advanced section of the web management interface will enable you to fine-tune your streams to your exact needs and specifications.

WINK Archive Waterfall Transcoding

WINK Archive's Waterfall Transcoding technology can dramatically reduce your storage requirements. WINK Archive supports a unique age-based incremental reduction in bit rate. The concept is that the older your data, the lower the bit rate and resolution of the video. This aged-based storage system allows you to keep recent videos at a very high quality and maintain long-term archives at a lower quality.


The WINK Archive offers integrations to CIFS (Samba) network sources or NFS for storage. WINK Archivers can be configured to pull from WINK Forges, WINK Media Routers, or generic network sources such as RTMP, HLS or RTSP sources.