WINK Encoder - Live HDMI and SDI Video Encoder

WINK Encoder offers impressive quality H.264 and H.265 live video encoded at low bitrates and low latency. WINK Encoder is ideal for events that require HD quality videos with low latency, such as; live auctions, horse racing, security camera monitoring, and interactive live broadcast events. In addition to streaming impressive quality video, the WINK Encoder can simultaneously stream live multiple bit rates and dynamic bit rates. WINK Encoder supports complete 4k video encoding from HDMI and SDI video sources.

WINK Encoder's ability to work with existing infrastructure provides you with the ability to seamlessly & dramatically improve your video quality without significant investment in time or infrastructure. Our simple to use web management interface allows even novice computer users to configure the system in minutes. The advanced API and administration options will enable you to fine-tune your streams to your exact needs and specifications.

WINK Encoders can be managed individually or via WINK Crossroad.