Live View - Video Viewer for Android, iOS and Desktops

WINK Streaming Live View is a suite of Mobile and Desktop applications for viewing and managing live streams integrated into a WINK Media Router or a WINK Forge. WINK Live View is available for Android and iOS Phones and Tablets, Android TV. A new version is available for Desktop on Windows and OSX with an even broader range of features. With WINK Live View, you will be able to monitor your live, and archived video streams at work or on the move.

WINK Live View allows dynamic bitrate control for even low-speed connections to stream live video transcoded by a WINK Forge. WINK Live View offers a range of playback features, including Instant Playback, PTZ, Zoom and Snapshots and supports in-line device Sharing. Playback is available in a range of layouts with automatic carousel cycling.

WINK Live View is free for all users. Custom branding options are available, which can set up via the WINK Media Router management interface. For customers who desire an even more custom solution, WINK Streaming's development team will provide an additional level of granularity to meet your style and customization needs.

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