WINK Media Router - Live Video Delivery and Media Management

WINK Media Router is a comprehensive management tool for working with multiple WINK Forges or WINK Encoders and providing support for typical streaming protocols including RTMP, RTSP, and a range of HTTP and HTTPS inputs and outputs.

WINK Media Router allows you to consolidate and manage the streams via a single endpoint.

WINK Media Router provides secure access control via OTP, Digest, oAuth or API-based implementations. Users management is a snap, with groups or regions and comprehensive logging and tracking options. The system offers built-in real-time statistics and complete analytic tools to accommodate a detailed understanding of usage and bandwidth.

Offering complete redundancy clustering, automatic firewall awareness and the ability to receive, rebroadcast or pull streams from LAN or WAN sources. The appliance provides all the tools needed for even the most complex network environment.