WINK Video Wall - Video Monitoring Solution

The WINK Video Wall is capable of outputting at 4k resolution across an unlimited number of displays using HDMI, HDCP, or DVI. The displays feature a range of effects, management and manipulation options. WINK Video Wall is capable of working with touch screen monitors and supports input from optical pointers. The setup is quick and easy; with a simple to use auto-calibration tool, you will never spend hours adjusting the outputs again. Our unique single cable solution for both power and data makes cable management clean and straightforward. This product can be powered directly by a WINK Media Router or common VMS solutions such as Genetec's Security Center.

WINK Video Wall, a 4k Display Capable, Single Cable Video Wall Solution. WINK Video Wall supports 720, 1080p and now 4k video displays using HDMI. Our unique system is entirely Power over Ethernet is driven, thereby alleviating your legacy video wall's cabling nightmare. WINK Video Wall automatic QR screen locational calibration, saving on installation time and maintenance.

QR Instant Calibration

Our unique QR Instant Calibration system allows users to do rapid deployments. With this system, you no longer need to map out which device matches a display or track the location. Users plug in all WINK Video Wall devices using POE connectivity and then attach the WINK Wall devices to a monitor's HDMI interface. Users then activate the power, and the screens will show a QR code; take a picture of the video wall with all QR code visible and WINK Video Wall will automatically configure the locations and calibrate the displays.

Build for Genetec Security Center

WINK Video Wall was built with complete Genetec Security Center support. WINK Video Wall is fully compatible with all versions of Security Center. It can be used solely with Genetec or paired with WINK Forges or WINK Media Routers or from source generic video sources. (RTSP, RTMP. HTTPS (HLS, MPEG-DASH), Multicast (IPTV)). WINK Video Wall integration using the Genetec SDK provides a clean easy to use experience. Our integration to Security Center special offers debug and analytic information, including the ability to show upstream camera addresses, connection types, camera status, bit rates, and much more debug data.

End of Cable Mess

WINK Video Wall hardware units are powered using Power over Ethernet; this means that you will only need one single cable to drive each monitor. WINK Video Wall is the end of HDMI extension cables, stacks of video cards in tower computers, fussy Composite video. WINK Video Wall is all digital, and the Power over Ethernet provides both data and power driving even 4k video displays.

Quick Setup & Maintenance
  • QR Calibration
  • Single Cable
  • Per Display Controller
  • Genetec Security Center
  • WINK Media Router & Forge
  • Generic RTSP, RTMP, HTTP(s)