Product Suite

WINK Encoder

WINK Encoder offers impressive quality H.264 and H.265 live video encoded at low bitrates and low latency. WINK Encoder is ideal for events that require HD quality videos with low latency, such as; live auctions, horse racing, security camera monitoring, and interactive live broadcast events. In addition to streaming impressive quality video, the WINK Encoder can simultaneously stream live multiple bit rates and dynamic bit rates. WINK Encoder supports complete 4k video encoding from HDMI and SDI video sources.

Live Video Encoder

WINK Encoder's ability to work with existing infrastructure provides you with the ability to seamlessly & dramatically improve your video quality without significant investment in time or infrastructure. Our simple to use web management interface allows even novice computer users to configure the system in minutes. The advanced API and administration options will enable you to fine-tune your streams to your exact needs and specifications.

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WINK Forge

WINK Forge™ a high-performance, high-definition live video transcoder. WINK Forge's transcoding engine produces highly compressed video at low latency compatable with popular Web, Mobile, and a range of IPTV Unicast and Multicast solutions.

WINK Forge can work with many codecs, including MPEG2, MPEG, H.263, H.264, HEVC, VP9, and numerous transport types such as RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-Dash, WebSockets and WebRTC. in addition to a number of cutting edge video formats and solutions.

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Live Videeo Transcoder

WINK Media Router

WINK Media Router is a comprehensive management tool for working with multiple WINK Forges or WINK Encoders and providing support for typical streaming protocols including RTMP, RTSP, and a range of HTTP and HTTPS inputs and outputs. WINK Media Router allows you to consolidate and manage the streams via a single endpoint.

Live Media Router

WINK Media Router provides secure access control via OTP, Digest, oAuth or API-based implementations. Users management is a snap, with groups or regions and comprehensive logging and tracking options. The system offers built-in real-time statistics and complete analytic tools to accommodate a detailed understanding of usage and bandwidth.

Offering complete redundancy clustering, automatic firewall awareness and the ability to receive, rebroadcast or pull streams from LAN or WAN sources. The appliance provides all the tools needed for even the most complex network environment.

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WINK Archive

WINK Archive is an easy to use video archive system capable of receiving and pulling live streams direct from cameras or paired with WINK Streaming appliances. The WINK Archive features an extremely easy to use HTTP / XML based API for retrieval and uploading. WINK Archive can also be easily paired with the WINK Forge for easy & automatic transcoding of your archived videos.

Our simple to use web management interface allows even novice computer users to configure the system in minutes. The advanced section of the web management interface allows you to fine-tune your streams to your exact needs and specifications. WINK Archive supports a unique age-based incremental reduction in bit rate. The concept is that the older your data, the lower the bit rate and resolution of the video. This aged based storage system allows you to keep recent videos at a very high quality and maintain long term archives at a lower definition, thereby dramatically reducing your storage requirements. The WINK Archive offers integrations to Genetec's Security Center, Milestone, CIFS (Samba) network sources, or NFS.

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Video Archiver and Transcoding


The WINK Wall is capable of outputting at 4k resolution across an unlimited number of displays using HDMI, HDCP, or DVI. The displays feature a range of effects, management and manipulation options. WINK Wall is capable of working with touch screen monitors and supports input from optical pointers.

WINK Video Wall for Genetec

The setup is quick and easy; with a simple to use auto-calibration tool, you will never spend hours adjusting the outputs again. Our unique single cable solution for both power and data makes cable management clean and straightforward. This product can be powered directly by a WINK Media Router or common VMS solutions such as Genetec's Security Center.

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Live View

WINK Streaming Live View is a series of Mobile, Android TV, Tablet and Desktop Applications that allow you to monitor your live and archived video streams. Applications are available for Android, Android TV, Amazon, iOS, and Windows Desktops.

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Mobile and Desktop Viewer