WINK Streaming provides on-site solutions for medium to large camera deployments, and we provide a variety of cloud and virtual solutions for small-medium-sized implementations. Our solutions are designed to be end-to-end but can be run using existing Video Management Systems or existing IP Camera infrastructure.

WINK Streaming presents an all-encompassing solution tailored for various camera deployments, offering robust and flexible services for small to large-scale implementations. Their offerings include turnkey solutions for transcoding and sharing video content across web and mobile platforms, emphasizing the seamless integration with existing Video Management Systems (VMS), including Genetec.

Their diverse solutions cater to public eye services, providing intelligent traffic camera systems with smart bitrate management and dynamic content delivery options. Security Patrol enhances on-the-move video access for police and private security, optimizing for mobile and tablet viewing. The robust content delivery network is custom-built for live streaming, on-demand playback, and network archiving, ensuring high-quality video delivery with intelligent transcoding and resource management.

WINK Streaming supports a range of applications, from interagency sharing to remote management, with intelligent GPS-based apps that offer support for various devices and activities, such as police monitoring and traffic analysis. These services, designed with compatibility for Android and iOS devices, come with a suite of features for customization, bandwidth management, and user alerts.